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Central Sun Energies: Menhirs, Pyramids, Symbolic Tech and Multi-Dimensional Activism

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The recent heavy influx of energies coming from our Galaxy’s central sun, due to the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal early this August, offers us a great opportunity to raise the frequency of the Earth, and to clear away the trauma and energetic blockages, that have obstructed our evolutionary process in the form of inter-personal aggression and wars since the Atlantean age.

In the ancient past, pyramids and menhirs ( tall, thin standing stones) helped to receive such energies and transfer them like acupuncture needles into the subtle energetic meridians of the Earth in order to clear ley-lines, balance the Earth energies and mediate natural disasters. The ability of pyramids to mediate weather, natural disasters and to heal people’s bodies and minds, has been recorded by Russian researcher Dr Alexander Golod PhD, and elaborated scientifically by the likes of David Wilcock and a number of others.

For more see:  David Wilcock Talks About Russian Pyramid Research

In our current age, such ancient Earth-grid regulating technology like pyramids and menhirs have fallen into deep disrepair, have been buried, purposely destroyed, or built upon by other more recent structures. Some out of sheer ignorance, others out of  very systematic campaigns of cultural genocide in ancient times, to sever the indigenous people’s sacred connection with their lands. Such campaigns were waged in an effort to disempower, control and colonise the inhabitants of conquered lands with new forms of belief. This happened in many places around the world, such as in the Americas under the Spanish conquistadors, but was also a noted specialty of the ancient Roman Catholic Empire in Europe.

For more see:  The Druids, by Michael Tsarion (video)

Thankfully, there have always been spiritual traditions in many places around the world, which have struggled behind the scenes to keep some kind of balance and healthy energy flowing through the Earth’s subtle energy grid, and to keep the sacred connections with the land alive on behalf of all humanity. With the extraordinary amount of emotional toxicity that has been pumped in such concentrated amounts into the Earth-grid, especially in the last two hundred years, these traditions have had their work cut out for them.

The good news is, that especially since December 21st 2012, the lack of fully functioning pyramids and menhirs, has been less and less of an obstacle. In accordance with the cosmological configurations of our time, we are stepping back into genuine self-sovereignty and the co-creativity of our higher individual will, in very extraordinary ways.

As a means of compensation for this devastating loss of ancient healing technologies, many of us have been inspired to realize and act upon our innate capacity to literally become menhirs or pyramids ourselves, in order to channel such cosmic energies through the crystalline matrix of our bodies and redistribute them through into the Earth grid and help to more fully restore it to its optimal flow capacity. The more the grid can be cleared the more of this new healing energy it can handle, the more energy it can handle, the faster and more easily it can be cleared.

Accompanying the influx of Central Sun energies through the recent Lion’s Gate portal, is a gift from the universal intelligence in the form of a massive clearing of karmic trauma for the Earth and humanity. In order to help facilitate this task, many have been given etheric light body upgrade technology to help manage the flow of these energies.

If you feel that you are ready to participate in this process of receiving a more substantial amount of light energy from The Central Sun, and to begin transmuting Earth-grid blockages, one of the ways you can prepare for this is through guided meditations such as the one below:

Violet-Silver Arcturian Quantum Healing Pod Activations

This will give you a base energetic operating system upgrade, which will connect you more fully with the guidance of your I am presence. It will clear, strengthen and empower your subtle energetic system to more deeply integrate its 5th dimensional light body in order to  manifest healthy change upon the physical plane, and to work co-creatively with 5th dimensional extra-terrestrial Arcturian emissaries.

Note that you are in co-creative control of the reception and transmutation of these energies at all times. If you agree to receive such a light-body upgrade, you will only ever be given an amount of energy respective to your ability to receive and transmute it safely. It really depends on the amount of work you have already done to remove karmic trauma from your energy body. The more clearing you have done, the more stable and refined your subtle energetic and corresponding physical nervous system will be, and consequently the more Central Sun energy you will be able to process.

As with any kind of energy work, it is crucial that you always remain as well-hydrated, well-rested, and as free of toxins as possible, in order to achieve the best results.

Additionally many healers and channelers, such as Anna Merkaba, have been provided with technology such as the symbol below, in order to help facilitate this process. Such symbols can be used very effectively together with something like the earlier mentioned, Silver – Violet Arcturian Quantum Healing Pod Activation.

Different people will feel different callings as to which kind of symbol that they will use, but to provide a more specific context for their use and to connect more deeply with the healing intent of Anna’s energetic transmission for this task, I highly recommend visiting the following link.

Urgent Message to ground crew — Ley-lines, Thoth, Sirian High Council of Light




This symbol above, is designed specifically to aid in the clearing of the trauma of war from ley-lines, so the energies of a new paradigm can be more definitively brought in and transmuted for manifestation onto the physical plane for a future free of war. Anna is but one of many people all over the Earth receiving such technological assistance from higher-dimensional light beings, and working co-creatively to the benefit of the Earth and humanity. I’m doing what I can to personally aid in this process.

 Please note

People can use such symbolic technology to help clear their fields and local ley-lines in accordance with whatever personal spiritual or ritual practices they may already be doing. Adding such symbolic technological gifts to an established practice or healthy creative outlet, will let the flowing energies organically guide you in ways that are most consistent with your natural co-creative expressions.

For instance, I also placed the symbol above, on the top of my webpage and felt the page’s vibration rise considerably. In placing it there, I hope to inspire and educate others as to the importance and truth of this task in healing humanity and bringing forth the energy and inspiration necessary to break with the militaristic barbarism of humanity’s past. My intent is to aid in manifesting the kind of Earth future that we, (and all upon the web of life to which we are most intimately connected) deserve: one filled with peace, love, health, vitality, prosperity and harmony (insert your dearest positive aspiration here _______________ )  Mote so it be.

For a Jungian psychological perspective on transmuting the shadow of war trauma from the human collective consciousness, please see my article:

Transmuting Shadow and Inspiring Global Co-Lucidity

It’s also crucial to remember that as we are predominantly spiritual beings having a human experience, we need to make sincere efforts to integrate such lessons upon the three-dimensional plane.

For instance, in the days leading up to my most concentrated download of these Central Sun Lion’s gate portal energies, my attention was drawn through repeated synchronicity to a devastating and massively under-reported war in Yemen. It seemed unthinkable to me, that such a catastrophic conflict could have gone so tragically unnoticed by the world’s media. So having cleared the energy of the ley-lines that cut across my property, I will seek to direct Lion’s Gate Central Sun energy, along those leys with the help of Arcturian symbolic technology, in an effort to draw attention to what has been recently listed by the UN, as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.




For more, please read: 500 Hundred Days of UK Complicity in the Destruction of Yemen

In an act of what I would call “multi-dimensional activism,” I will also take action within my three-dimensional reality, by publicizing through my social media channels to help bring greater media awareness of this crisis to the world. That combination of guided energy, prayer and causal action on the physical plane, can contribute to a greater effort by the world community, to tip the balance on the shocking ignorance of this conflict.

My inspiration for this, was also due to the efforts of the Heart Math Institute,  Greg Braden and others, who have documented the effects of directed prayer energy experiments upon healing DNA and reducing violent conflict in different parts of the world.

For the more skeptical of us, this is proof of concept, that the incredible power of heart based intent in co-creation with our higher will, has changed, is changing and will continue to change the world for the better.

The feeling is the prayer. In light and love. Mote so it be!




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