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Japan’s Ghostly Subways: A Shamanic Encounter


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The following is a summary I wrote of a Japanese-language internet article on a Japanese subway incident which recently caused a huge Twitter storm. It’s just one of a number of such incidents in recent times.

As a foreign resident who has lived in Japan for over a decade, I have a deeply personal angle on this story. Not only that, I’m a Shamanic healer with an intimate knowledge of the spirit realm, and would like to offer some deeper perspective for consideration.

Whilst such incidents are frequently said to “defy rationality,” they don’t, in my understanding, defy all forms of rationality — just those bound up by materialistic scientific dogma.

But more on that later, first let’s get the basic background context of the story down. Here’s my summary:

Supernatural Newsflash…

September 1st. A driver for the Tokyo Subway, Oedo Line service, stopped his train in a tunnel at Shin-kachomachi station, for what he believed to be an elementary school-aged child standing on the tracks. The girl was said to be visible for only a brief period, before disappearing into the darkness.

The train service was subsequently suspended to allow Tokyo Subway staff members to walk up into the tunnel to try to find the alleged child.

After a period of forty minutes searching the tunnel, nothing and no one were found, and the bewildered staff were forced to resume the train service.

*  *  *

This is not the first case of its kind in Japan. Suicide by train is common here, and there are numerous reports of phantom people appearing in front of trains and halting services for extended periods. For more on this, see the link at the bottom of this post.

Ok, so now you have the basic gist. Your probably keen to know where I fit into all of this.

Well, I have lived in Japan about one hour from Tokyo for ten years now. At one point, I worked in Tokyo and would make that hour-long commute everyday by a train service which partially ran through a subway.

At the end of one particular gruelling day at my company, I spilled wearily off the escalator, took up a spot on the platform and proceeded to bury my head in my smart phone. However, something strange caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. It was a man kneeling by the edge of the platform rocking back and forth with his hands clasped in a prayer position and mumbling over and over to himself, as if he was begging forgiveness. Tears streamed down his face as he teetered precariously close to the very edge of that platform. The next train was only less than a minute away. He was readying himself to do the unthinkable.

Instinctively, I snuck up behind this guy and braced myself in such a way that I could grasp him around the shoulders and use my body-weight to heave him backwards onto the platform rather than being pulled forward with him. Heart racing, arms at the ready, I tapped him gently on the shoulder and braced for the worst.

He stopped rocking and looked up at me with this despairing tear-lathered face, and although his eyes were glazed over, he blessedly seemed to snap out of it just enough to awaken to my presence.

I gently took his hand and hooked my elbow around his arm to keep a firm lock on him. He rose shakily to his feet, and I maneuvered him gingerly away from the edge of the platform, putting his back to rest against a large square pillar. During this process, the train had pulled into the station, and I breathed an incredible sigh of relief.

Now you could label this willingness to commit suicide as a result of any number of economic, social, familial or mental traumas, and I am sure that one or even a number of these kinds of issues played it’s part. But also, from my Shamanic perspective, I was aware of an additional reason for this near-tragedy.

This reason was based upon a very ancient, yet scientifically systematic understanding of what can happen energetically and spiritually to a human, as a result of trauma or substance abuse.

Essentially such issues can make people vulnerable to attachment from different kinds of spirits.


For more on this, see my post: Negative Entities and their Removal


The problem is however, that the idea of spirit attachment constitutes an understanding of our reality which tends to be way too heavy for the majority of people to contemplate, often even for those inclined to engage with New Age or spiritual ideas. However, it is a form of reasoning that served perfectly well for humans, for many thousands and even ten of thousands of years longer than the entire span of our modern materialistic scientific paradigm.

Also, with the advent of quantum physics and what it reveals about the multi-dimensional capacity of human consciousness, coupled with the growing body of scientific literature on the human after death experience, it is a conclusion which we will inevitably have to come to grips with, if we are to ever have a complete picture of human consciousness.

With this little caveat in place, I now turn back to the story…

As I held the man gently yet firmly upright against the column and looked into his face, I could see that he seemed to be in the grip of something that was not him. It was like watching a drowning person trying to swim to the surface, but getting repeatedly pulled under. He would become lucid and smiling, then suddenly his eyes would glaze over. I naturally assumed that it was just because he was seriously drunk, but then I sensed there was much more to it than that. I could feel the presence of an earthbound spirit embedded in his energy field and he was fighting with it for control of his bodily consciousness.

If an earthbound spirit or entity attachment gets deep enough into a person’s energy field – as it had in this case, then it’s possible that it can either partially or sometimes entirely displace the living person’s identity and replace it with their own. In the beginning of an attachment, spirits or entities can remain embedded in a particular outer layer of the aura but over time they will often go deeper, eventually attaching themselves internally to a particular organ, depending on the shared dominant negative emotional state that drew it to the living person in the first place.


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I shook the man, clicked my fingers vigorously in front of his face, and asked for his details in Japanese to try and bring him out of it. Blessedly it worked. As he suddenly awoke to my presence, he reached out for me and I embraced him deeply. I held him there for a long while intoning a comforting Buddhist protection mantra and patting him on the back. Against my chest I wear a simple Daoist spirit release symbol in a pouch with a large chunk of clear quartz, and as we hugged with this pouch sandwiched between our chests, I could feel that very powerful symbolic spirit raising energy synchronizing, amplifying and lifting the vibration between us.

The combined energies of the heart fields of two humans when shared in this way, become exponentially more powerful than just the sum of their two parts. My energetic contribution would have been heightened by the clarity and high vibration of my auric field from the daily mediation and Yoga that I do.

As I broke off the embrace, he stepped back and breathed this sudden huge gasp of air into his lungs, as if a great weight had been pressing upon them.

One of the major symptoms of earthbound spirit attachment, is persistent shortness of breath. Because a disincarnated human consciousness trapped on the earth plane no longer has a physical body with which to ingest food, water or air, it sustains itself on subtle pranic energy either from the surrounding environment or from the breath of a living host.  In such cases, the person suffering the attachment has to sustain the breathing capacity of two people with the resources of only one body, and the organs of the afflicted living person can suffer greatly.

Released from the spirit attachment, the man suddenly snapped to and took full control of his body. As he grabbed my hand and began to shake it, there was such a look of calm relief and gratitude on his face, that it was hard to believe that it was the same person.

After a brief chat, after another train arrived. He matter-of-factly excused himself mid-conversation and strolled groggily through into the open doors of the newly arrived train and sat down. The last that I remember was of him waving and smiling at me through the train window as the train trundled off into the tunnel.

*  *  *

Sadly there are so many, many more earthbound spirits roaming the Japanese transit system. Psychologically speaking, the reasons for suicide in Japan like any social phenomena, are manifold and complex, but more generally speaking the nature of suicide is one of attention seeking; a desperately misguided attempt to draw awareness to that which could not be addressed or expressed in life.

All three of us benefited from this timely synchronicity. The man got a second lease on life, the attached earthbound human spirit was released to return to the light and remain there for good, and I received a serious dose of Karmic clearing which allowed me a deeper form of Shamanic initiation.

Such a transformative synchronicity does not happen without a reason. The universe does nothing randomly or chaotically, it has a very well-defined set of principles, of which Karma is one  — at least in this universe.

It’s seems that we three, had been part of a karmic soul group with unfinished business to tie-up, and as highlighted by this particular case, not all members of your karmic soul group need to be on the physical side of the veil, or for that matter, need to have ever been incarnate as a human at all.

Such a chronic spirit attachment generally requires multiple visits to a Shamanic healer to remove, but sometimes, if the spirit is really ready to go, the universe can help bring into synchronicity, forces that will allow the spirit to be released and returned to source instantly. And this was one one of those times.

“Pulled from above, pushed from below.”

I know that at least one particularly vicious circle of suffering was finally broken that day.

In any case, the thing that I want most for people to take away from this is the multi-dimensional nature of the human healing experience. I also wish to emphasize the sheer power that a simple act of compassion can have. It can literally save a life and free spirit. And you don’t need to be a Shaman to be able to do this. There’s a reason why the heart and hands are so perfectly aligned. It’s the universes way of enfolding us back into primordial well-spring of our being.


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13 thoughts on “Japan’s Ghostly Subways: A Shamanic Encounter

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  2. Okay, I lurk no more. lol! Did you write this article my friend?I loved it and will share to my page on G+. Your painting was amazingly beautiful and eloquent.I agree with your view of consciousness and just about everything you say here, including the view of spirit entity possession.We’re on the same page Leeby.:-))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed. The crystal in the pouch serves a number of purposes, grounding, clarifying, and balancing my energy fields. As well as protecting against spirit attachment. The Daoist symbol is simply three shapes one above the other. Square at the bottom, symbolizing the earth plane, next up is a pyramid (ascencion) thirdly is a circle (return to source)


    • Thank you kindly. Yes, volumes could be written on this. I may append this story at some stage. I wanted to go into more detail about how modern scientific dogma tends to create a much more supersitious view of the spirit world than was ever held by the ancients. The truth is inverted from what modern materialism has taught us.


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