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Reader Q: What is Sophiastrology? As Above, So Below.

Sophiastrology: In the words of resident creatrix Jamie Walters herself. The know-how behind the mojo, that forms her deeply personal and unique Esoteric take on Astrology consulting.

Sophia's Children

Our stunningly beautiful solar system. NASA Photojournal. Our stunningly beautiful solar system. NASA Photojournal.

I received a fabulous email from a new reader who was drawn by the word-morph Sophiastology and wanted to know how I came up with it … and how it differs from traditional astrology

First …

I love hearing from and being in conversation with readers — kindred spirits and peeps near and far, via direct emails and in the comments sections of the posts.

It’s just so cool how we connect that way, and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Now, about that great “What is Sophiastrology?” question …

Let me just say …

My approach, generally and via my Sophiastrology & Intuitive Insightsconsultations, isn’t your usual “Donny Downer” or “Negative-Nelly Nocebo-focused” astro-reading or “out of a can” coaching that often leaves you feeling depressed, limited, unseen/unheard, and pretty much like crap.

Who needs that?

Ee gads! There’s way

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4 thoughts on “Reader Q: What is Sophiastrology? As Above, So Below.

    • Hey Henry, happy New Years. Cheers for checking out Jamie’s stuff. She is a fountain of wisdom. She has a ton of great material on her site. But if you want to get at the esoteric roots (energetic, planetary, psychic etc.) of any of your life issues, and how you can work with them instead of being at their mercy, then you should contact her for a consultation. Well worth it!


  1. Oh yes, I can vouch personally for this mojo majick supporting the energy of this dynamic person ultimately evolving personally while she travels deeply along with her ‘clients’ as she taps into the vast resources of her ‘sophiastrology’ work. muchas bendiciones for the insights she shared with me, allowing me to get in touch with my own sopia energetics. with big love, en lak’ech ~e

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