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Third Eye Chakra: Lessons of the in-body Chakras, and our relationship to the Earthly Plane


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This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series. Stay tuned, Part 2 coming Soon…


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The following is the response to a query I received from a reader who contacted me recently regarding some very persistent issues they were having with an entity attachment.

The person was an advanced spiritual practitioner, but despite having an impressive array of techniques at their disposal for raising, controlling and clearing energy, they could not definitively shake off this negative energetic attack, no matter how hard they tried. They saw one of my posts on entity removal, and came to me for help. And I am very greatful that they did, because it has prompted this synchronistic lesson, which I believe is something relevant to spiritual practitioners at all levels.

It gets at the heart of one  of the simplest, yet most profound misunderstandings of spiritual growth that many, “New Age” practitioners have to contend with…


“Dear reader,

Judging by the symptoms you described, and the artwork image you showed me, it sounds like the entity is attached very firmly to your third-eye chakra, and is therefore using your own spiritual ambition to milk you of energy. It pokes you with fear every time it wants a feed, because it is very much aware of your natural affinity for seeking solutions by spiritual means to liberate yourself from this fear. It knows it can get an easy energetic hit this way.

You bring in more light to try and get it off you, but your actually increasing its stranglehold. Because it has got your third eye under control, it’s keeping you bound by your own attachment to your path. I have been through a very similar experience myself, though not on my third-eye chakra. I can very much relate. Here’s what I learned from this, and boy did I learn the hard way.

One of the main lesson here, is that one of the greatest obstacles to the spiritual path is actually the path itself. This is one of the great karmic lessons of the third-eye (Ajna) Chakra. It’s about confronting and working through some of our deepest illusions. And we are always most blind to that which we hold most dear. As we develop the third-eye chakra, we really need to come back into alignment with our Earthly physical body. Which makes sense, because the Ajna center is the last of the “in-body chakras,” in the Kundalini raising process.

Chakra development is cyclic, and before we are able to be considered masterful enough to have more direct access to the  spiritual planes of the out-of-body chakras, we must cycle back through all those in-body chakras, all the way back down to the root, then up again to ensure that all those lessons have been properly integrated and embodied. And oh boy, this experience can be a rough ride: you don’t get direct access to the loftier chakras without doing the hard yards, at least as far as the “guardian of threshold,” the archetypal astral embodiement of the rational, linear, hyper-masculine Saturnian material ego is concearned.



“Father Time”  Copyright © 2014


Above:  An archetype of the Saturnian material ego as Chronos.


Saturn / Chronos, is an unforgiving taskmaster; the authoritarian schoolmaster with his cane, bent on corporal punishment. There’s no skipping out on these trauma-dense body lessons, as I discovered. (though everyone’s lessons need not be as hard-learned as mine, it really depends on the nature of their karma) However, they are a must, because we need to pass that initiation into greater mastery (self-awareness and self-discpline and the transcendence of fear) in the physical dimension, before we are allowed to participate so immediately and fully in the astral realms. And for very good reason.

There is no way to cotton candy this, and it would be highly irresponsible for me to do so, but if an advanced spiritual practitioner is not persistently disciplined in developing a deeply grounded, fearless, elementally balanced and compassionate nature, and they are raising large amounts of Kundalini energy, there is potential for any number of negative energetic beings that may try to attack your subtle energy body and rob you of that vital accumulated life-force. Instead of you being able to inspire, heal and awaken others as part of the betterment of humanity more broadly, you could end up making yours and other’s material lives a living hell, through illness and personal suffering.

It should be noted that the chronically (note: “chron” as in chronos) pathological state of much of the world’s political and corporate leadership, is attributable to the actions of secret esoteric societies, which have lauded the grostesquely irresponsible use of spiritual powers, in service to the dominator paradigm of the over-blown Saturnian material ego, with all the suffering, destruction, tyranny and death that this has entailed down through the centuries.

This is a broader scale example of the destructive capability of spiritually advanced people in positions of power, who have not cultivated compassion either for themselves or their fellow human beings. By not taking adequate responsibility for the power that comes with deep spiritual practice and psychic development, it’s also very possible that we may inadvertently be feeding elevated levels of energy to that old Saturnian Matrix and helping to keep it in place. That’s not very “New Age” at all is it? We should all be doing our darndest to dissolve that Matrix with compassion (love in action) and unity.


“Better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.”


We know even in a very mundane sense that the nature of our words and intent, can have a significant effect on their wellbeing of both others and ourselves. Our imaginations have a projective energetic quality through either spoken, written or imagined intent or actions. When we are spelling out words we are creating “spells” in a very literal sense. The “Wish-fullfilling Jewel,” of our free will universe makes no distinction between good and bad requests, the “Jeanie” in the bottle, is oathbound to fullfill your wishes. So be careful what you wish for, it may come true!

If you are an advanced spiritual practitioner with elevated levels of spiritual energy, but you persist in negative behaviour, your ability to manifest that consequences of that negative intent can become greatly magnified and bounced back at you like a bad spell. The nature of our engagement with our reality is such that we are all actually magicians and we all have the power to do great harm or good with our words and the intent behind them.


“With great power, comes great responsibility.” 


As a Shamanic healer, I  have wrestled with the products of a number of such shadowy thought projections and entities on the lower astral plane, both my own, and those of others who have come to me for assistance. If everyone could see first hand, on the astral, what is produced by their projected negativity, face to face, (yes sometimes it has a face, other times no) they would think twice, or several times actually, about harbouring ill-intent towards others. This is especially true if you are on a deep spiritual path, you will at some point, have to come face with some of the shadow you have created through the projections of your conciousness, and integrate it. There is no way around that, there is only through.


Stay tuned…


(Part 2) Third Eye Chakra: Lessons of the in-body Chakras and our Relationship to the Earthly Plane

Coming soon…






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8 thoughts on “Third Eye Chakra: Lessons of the in-body Chakras, and our relationship to the Earthly Plane

  1. Wow, what you said here made perfect sense to me. Those who go too fast up the ladder either by their own feet or on the shoulders of others have a hard future. The old saying “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” comes to mind.


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