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Rediscovering The Sacred in Food (How to Have a Psycho-spiritual Food-gasm!)

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It has taken me no small amount of courage to go organic on almost all of my food choices. At times, it has been expensive, time-consuming and damn frustrating. There’s was tons of research involved.

Understanding what constitutes genuinely organic products, from those that are cashing in on the natural foods bandwagon can be a real headache. There is much chicanery and sleight of hand. And when you do find great organic food resources, understanding which particular foods do or don’t agree with your unique body chemistry, is an all-together different ball game.

Through this months-long struggle something more of the sacred has developed in me. A newly forged relationship between body, mind, and spirit. A biological, intellectual and spiritual re-alchemisation if you will.

The fuller extent of this newly-minted mojo didn’t really hit home until the other night, when — as I was chowing down heartily on a slimy par-boiled bowl of seaweed, okra and sprouts and listening to a lecture by Manly P. Hall (Path of the Alchemist) — I developed this intense feeling of joyful elation. Or to put it more accurately, an intense kind of “psycho-spiritual food-gasm.”

In the past, I had intermittently said shamanic prayers over my meals, but the bond with the food lay more in a sublime visualization of mother-earth, the elemental forces and a bunch of other random totemic and ancestral acknowledgements thrown in for good measure. But this food-rush was an experience like nothing I’d ever known before. Something clicked at a cellular level.

I understood that this experience was not just a chance event. It was an aspect of the psycho-spiritual and biological culmination of a months long journey toward my goal of creating a workable holistic synthesis between my food consumption habits, budget and lifestyle.

Day after day of wading through informative, yet often conflicting reams of holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle information played a vital part in this process. It fueled a profound sense of intellectual determination, as did writing and sharing my discoveries on social media.

This work laid the foundations for the personal paradigm shift of my lifestyle and food consumption habits, away from the anxious chore of racing mindlessly to grab a bunch of cheap supermarket bargains, to an inspired new sense of gastronomical wisdom and adventure.

This new-found awareness was about more than just the quality of the food itself. It was, in many ways, about bringing a sense of reverence back into the consumption process. It was in the slow and deliberate way that food was gathered and prepared to maximize it’s nutritional value. It was in my reverant attitude as I shopped for it, and of course, the deeply appreciative way it was eaten. It was also in my childlike excitement at planning my next super-food adventure, and much more that is intangible besides.

All these things combined, had made for a form of initiatory rite into a new stage of holistic awareness of what its like to connect my intent to that of nature’s. To revel in the precious life-force qualities of the Earth’s gifts. A deepening sense of the amazing restorative and medicinal bond that we share with food at the cellular and energetic level.

It brought home to me precisely why I should be placing placing more food upon my Shamanic altar.






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7 thoughts on “Rediscovering The Sacred in Food (How to Have a Psycho-spiritual Food-gasm!)

  1. We pay far more attention to how we dine than the source of our food. Even tking a moment to acknowedge the life shared with those impersonal ‘ingredients’ goes a long way to finding our way again…


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